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Land Rover Wants to Rock Your World

Land Rover has teamed up with acclaimed Norwegian photographer Jonas Bendiksen for a new series of works called “Ultimate Vistas.” Talk about awesome gigs to have. Bendiksen, working with Magnum Photos, took a series of stunning urban and landscape snaps as he tooled around in his home country in a ...

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Apple blames 'air' for iPhone 6s battery problem

iPhone 6s battery iFixit Do you have a problem where your iPhone 6s randomly and unexpectedly shuts down for no reason? Apple is blaming air for the issue. Seriously, the problem is down to air. In a support document posted to the company’s website, Apple says it has traced the ...

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VR tie-in invites movie fans to live the Assassin’s Creed life

Assassin’s Creed is basically a story about a guy plugged into VR doing crazy thing in his own family’s long-dead past, so it’s only fitting that the movie would come with a VR experience which puts fans and viewers themselves in the middle of the action. Assassin’s Creed’s movie VR experience will ...

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Cadillac Returns to Prototype Racing in 2017

After a 14-year hiatus, Cadillac announced it will return to endurance racing and unveiled its entry, the 2017 Cadillac DPi-V.R. This unexpected return comes as a shock and possible boon for the company as other endurance racing names like Audi have left, potentially giving Cadillac a fighting chance in their return. ...

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Amazon offers DDoS Protection with Shield

Once upon a time, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks were rare. Now, DDoS assaults are common and are increasing by 125 percent year over year. Attackers can create 100 Gbps attacks, enough to knock off any undefended website, just by running scripts. Amazon introduced an answer: AWS Shield. AWS ...

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