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Oculus Quest and Rift S now shipping – TechCrunch

Facebook -owned Oculus is shipping its latest VR headgear from today. Pre-orders for the PC-free Oculus Quest and the higher end Oculus Rift S opened up three weeks ago. In a launch blog, Oculus touts the new hardware’s “all-in-one, fully immersive 6DOF VR” — writing: “We’re bringing the magic of ...

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Peak Design’s Travel Tripod

The camera clip and bag company has made a portable, packable, easy-to-setup professional travel tripod.   Video Producers: Yashad Kulkarni, Gregory S. Manalo Shooter / Editor: Gregory S. Manalo Source link

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Facebook to Pay US Content Reviewers More Amid Criticism

Photo Credit: Josh Edelson/ AFP Facebook is raising how much it pays US contractors who do some of its most taxing work, including watching violent and other objectionable material for possible removal. Facebook will pay at least $18 (roughly Rs. 1,300) an hour for these jobs. Those in New York City, ...

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What is Wi-Fi 6 and why you’re going to want it

Why all the 6G wireless talk before we even have 5G? TechRepublic’s Karen Roby talks with ZDNet’s Scott Fulton about the future of 6G, the current status of 5G, and breaks down the difference between the two. Read more: https://zd.net/2JBhSji I have, let me see, seven Wi-Fi enabled devices currently ...

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Trump’s Huawei ban also causing tech shocks in Europe

The escalating U.S.-China trade war that’s seen Chinese tech giant Huawei slapped on a U.S. trade blacklist is causing ripples of shock across Europe too, as restrictions imposed on U.S. companies hit regional suppliers concerned they could face U.S. restrictions if they don’t ditch Huawei. Reuters reports shares fell sharply ...

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Google research: Most hacker-for-hire services are frauds

Hacker-for-hire services available online are what we thought they were — scams and ineffective — new research published last week by Google and academics from the University of California, San Diego, reveals. “Using unique online buyer personas, we engaged directly with 27 such account hacking service providers and asked them ...

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