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Fake news is a war effort humans need to lead

Bhavin Turakhia Contributor Bhavin Turakhia is the founder and CEO of Flock. News headlines today present us with the latest in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and algorithms, which are sold as the “cure all” solution to our problems. From curing cancer or solving the ongoing problem of climate ...

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Volvo Goes All-Electrified

The headline “Volvo Cars to go all electric” is a bit misleading. “Volvo Cars get electrified,” though not nearly as elegant, might be a better way to put it. Between 2019 and 2021, Volvo will launch three standard battery-electric vehicles plus two high-performance Polestar models, which will “be supplemented by ...

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WTF is a particle collider?

How do things work? To find out, we observe them and we take them apart. But not everything is easily observed, and until recently some things couldn’t be taken apart. It’s the culmination of a theory that has its genesis in ancient Greece. The philosopher Democritus posited that if you ...

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