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Netflix Now Lets iOS Users Share Movies, Shows to Instagram Stories

Netflix Now Lets iOS Users Share Movies, Shows to Instagram Stories

Netflix-shared Instagram Stories can be customised

Netflix has announced that it has added a new Instagram integration to its iPhone app. Now iOS users can share the movies and TV shows from the VoD service on to their Instagram Stories. This feature comes in Netflix app version 11.16.0(2493) 5.0.1-001 on the iOS app store. With the new feature Netflix subscribers on iOS can share the movies and shows they’re watching with their friends on Instagram, or simply add the show or movie poster as their own Instagram Story.

To share the show or movie art on Instagram, simply tap on the information icon (denoted by the letter ‘i’ in a circle), below the media’s listing on the iOS Netflix app. There you can tap the Share icon, which will list out the new Instagram option, along with the previously available sharing options. By selecting Instagram, the app will open the user’s Instagram app and automatically add the selected show’s art on the Instagram Stories compose section.

Netflix instagram share netflix instagram stories

Users get the option to move the series title around to a position they feel works best or even discard it completely. Of course, other Instagram options can be used along with this so users can add more to the shared art in the form of stickers, GIFs, text, filters, and more.

We tried this new feature out, and so far it doesn’t seem like there’s any easy option to directly link the post to the Netflix show or movie you’re talking about.

This option is not available to Android users yet, but Netflix has reportedly confirmed to Variety that they will be bringing this new sharing option to the Android version of the Netflix app soon.

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