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As a few of you already know, I’m a Shudra mental and activist, working and writing to alter the unequal circumstances of Dalits, Adivasis and Shudras (together with different backward courses) in Indian Brahminical Hindutva rule. my books Why am I not a Hindu, post-Hindu India and buffalo nationalism They’ve been attacked by Brahminical Hindutva forces and even dragged into courts as much as the Supreme Court docket of India. I used to be repeatedly known as an agent of Muslims and Christians. Since I labored as a professor at Maulana Azad Nationwide Urdu College from 2011 to 2017, I used to be accused of being pro-Muslim and anti-national. Nevertheless, I’m doing my job whatever the penalties.

I’m penning this open letter to the Muslims and Christians of India within the context of the hijab controversy and the novel stand taken by the Brahminical Hindutva forces and the Muslims of India. Hijab difficulty is a part of the gown code of people. We, the Shudras/Dalits/Adivasis of India, have been struggling by the hands of historic Brahmanism over gown code points for a really very long time. Shudra/Dalit/Adivasi ladies shouldn’t have worn outer clothes – blouses or jackets for a very long time. For instance, in Kerala such repressive practices had been prevalent till Dalit chief Ayyankali and OBC chief Sree Narayana Guru fought in opposition to it. Ladies and men of oppressed castes had been additionally not allowed to put on footwear even whereas working within the harsh solar all day. Even widowed Dwij ladies (belonging to the 5 castes—Brahmins, Banias, Kayasthas, Khatris and Kshatriyas), had been compelled by Brahmin priestly males and different educated pundits to not put on blouses or jackets and to cowl their heads. was shaved off. Additionally married Dwij ladies, particularly from Brahmin households, had been topic to perverted customs reminiscent of muddy (So long as ladies cook dinner in moist garments within the kitchen). Shudras/Dalits/Adivasis, ladies of all castes and a few reformers from Dwij communities additionally fought in opposition to these practices and non secular restrictions. Many such racist and sexist gown code norms had been now out of date.

Girls’s gown codes are often determined by males in all organized religions within the title of God. Whether or not Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Brahmanism (I am not utilizing Hinduism deliberately), Judaism, Sikhism and so on., what women and men who lead communities or religions ought to and should not be sporting; or sporting excessively or sporting lower than needed within the season and time; Or compelled them to not put on garments of their selection or put on sufficient to guard themselves from the solar, rain and chilly. All that is finished by invocation of God (who believes in a single God) or God (who believes in lots of Gods) and non secular books. Dalits/Shudras/Adivasis are struggling essentially the most due to such lifestyle for men and women on this world. The RSS/BJP alliance, which is ruling India, stands for all of the historic brahminism that we’ve got confronted. Together with the non secular concept of ladies’s menstrual blood impurity, the most recent barbaric non secular interpretation of the Ayyappa temple entry difficulty for our ladies between the ages of 10 and 50 has additionally been made by male pundits of Brahmanism.

After we are combating in opposition to these forces for his or her anti-women and Dalit/Adivasi/Shudra non secular programs and practices, Muslims and Christians shouldn’t permit them to say that they’re persecuting Muslim and Christian ladies by their males. might be free of. After the Supreme Court docket’s triple talaq verdict and the legislation handed by the BJP/RSS authorities, they began claiming that Muslim ladies had been free from the unjust divorce system and abandonment of helpless youngsters.

Now, the difficulty of hijab is raised in relation to highschool, faculty schooling for Muslim women. This has develop into one other difficulty round which they’ll declare that they’re liberating Muslim ladies from the oppressive gown code.

Hijab, purdah or burqa system is a type of full overlaying of a lady’s physique from toe to go to guard the visibility of ladies in public locations. It’s mentioned that it protects the physique of ladies from the evil eye of males. To me, it is a very repressive gown code. It additionally tasks all males as potential rapists. If our ladies undergo from under-dress harassment of Brahmins, Muslim ladies are being compelled to undergo from extra gown harassment in every kind of climate, together with tormenting them in the summertime warmth. If what I see amongst Muslim men and women in India, I discover that Muslim males should not have an issue with hijab, purdah or burqa. Why ought to or not it’s just for ladies? If one goes to Quran or courts then this drawback can’t be solved. As a result of this difficulty is essentially related with the query of non secular equality: whether or not or not God created man and girl equal! What’s the up to date metaphysical rationalist understanding of students about this query?

A latest collective workforce examine of biblical origins, accepted by each Christians, Muslims and Jews as a standard non secular information, said the place of Adam and Eve, the primary man and girl created by God, : “The picture of God specifically is expressed concurrently as female and male. No place for males superiority or supremacy, Most human societies have featured each ( Males’s superiority and supremacy-emphasis mine), however this was not God’s intention, and it doesn’t mirror essentially the most fundamental reality about us (human) Nature”. (God’s Justice, Holy Bible)

This understanding of God’s creation to women and men alike was by no means among the many brahminical forces of India and therefore compelled a gown code for the spouse together with the husband and even demise if she died. goes. Because of a lack of expertise of historical past, Christians (Catholics, Russian Orthodox and Protestants), Jews, Sikhs and Muslims compelled their ladies to put on extra garments. It was to not their liking by way of ladies’s underdress or overdress. It’s compelled coaching from childhood. The follow of overlaying the face with an extra fabric additionally occurred in lots of non-agricultural castes, referred to as the purdah system.

Allow us to not go on the face worth of the general public declaration of ladies victims saying ‘we wish to beneath gown or over gown’. Girls within the Brahmanical non secular system publicly mentioned “we wish to die by burning ourselves on the pyre of the husband”. While you force-feed a non secular and God-given thought to an thought from childhood, self-suffering turns into a ‘passion via the foyer’.

There are Christians who say that girls ought to cowl their heads with a hijab in church or throughout prayer. However this isn’t the rule for Christian males. Christian church buildings follow human untouchability inside the church. Such practices will solely strengthen Hindutva Brahmanism.

Muslim ladies in India aren’t allowed to go to the mosque and might pray shoulder to shoulder with males or different males from their very own household. This gave a deal with to right-wing Hindutva forces claiming that “Take a look at our ladies; they go to temples both alone or with their males freely. However what they struggle their greatest to cover is that this.” That Shudras/Dalits/Adivasis aren’t allowed to develop into clergymen in so-called Hindu temples (learn Brahmin-controlled). There isn’t a such follow round temples managed by Shudras/Dalits/Adivasis RSS/BJP forces Non secular rights of Shudras/Dalits/Adivasis whom they painting as ‘Hindu’.

The RSS/BJP forces are recognized worldwide as conservative and fundamentalist. However the query of conservatism and fundamentalism of Muslim ladies is giving them a progressive posture, making our wrestle for equality troublesome. Indian Muslims and Christians ought to perceive that a terrific wrestle for reform is occurring in India now. It isn’t by the RSS/BJP alliance however in opposition to it. On this state of affairs Muslim conservatism and fundamentalism—particularly with the query of ladies—all of us undergo and nationwide reform turns into inconceivable.

If Muslims saved insisting that their feminine college students or workers ought to put on the hijab or not, they’d neither examine nor work. as a result of it’s the compulsory follow of their faithbrahminical forces can say that caste and untouchability are inevitable follow of Hindu faith and college students of all caste can not sit collectively, we should settle for the victims. It was right here that Mahatma Phule and Ambedkar revolted in opposition to such practices. Shudra/Dalit/Adivasis combating it. Hindutva forces can say that caste and untouchability are important practices of Hinduism. The Brahmin clergymen and pundits advised the Muslim rulers that caste and untouchability had been a part of their faith. Therefore the Muslim rulers didn’t abolish caste and untouchability. However the caste system was in opposition to God’s thought of ​​human equality and the creation of man., Hindutva forces say How is caste segregation and untouchability practiced in colleges? court dockets deal with the difficulty? Brahmin clergymen and pundits advised Muslim kings that caste and untouchability practices had been important practices of Hinduism and so they confirmed Rigveda and Manu theology proof. Muslim kings explicitly accepted such arguments and allowed such barbaric follow to proceed, although Islam doesn’t have such a follow. Ought to we settle for Shudras/Dalits/Adivasis right this moment and sit in separate courses? There shouldn’t be such arguments concerning the follow of caste and another discrimination UndertakingEd because the important follow of faith, if faith is required to outlive in altering instances. These issues can’t be settled in courts or with quotations. These previous customs from non secular books, that are attribute of males or by group management and oppression of ladies and dalit and so forth, They have to be modified from inside via painstaking reforms. Muslims and Christians need to be part of this reform agenda in India. In any other case we are going to all undergo.

Faith and God are common phenomena. Equality of women and men in all spheres is a God-given reward. What is just not needed for males is just not needed for girls both. We Indians, with our roots within the Harappan Civilization, the equality of man and girl and laborious bodily labor and equality, working with nature, can educate the world that we are going to take away each inequality, it doesn’t matter what faith or caste we belong to. be. Let all our ladies examine at par with males in each respect. Aged Muslim ladies, who’re within the behavior of sporting extra such garments, could also be allowed if by power of coaching, however the younger ones who’re going to stay lengthy lives, needs to be allowed to eliminate it. To me all non secular systemic practices have to be subordinated to the concept ‘God created all women and men equal’.

Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd He’s a political theorist, social activist and writer. Lots of his books, Why I’m not a Hindu, Publish-Hindu India, Buffalo Nationalism, From a Shepherd Boy to an Mental – My Memoirs, The Weapon of the Different, God as a Political Thinker, Untouchable God, The Shudra-Imaginative and prescient Ek for the brand new path and likewise for the development of the socio-spiritual system in India


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