Exploring the Therapeutic Practices of Tibetan Buddhism: Interview with Tulku Lobsang


Tulku Lobsang at Son Caliu Seashore situated within the city Palmanova on the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca, within the municipality of Calvià. Picture courtesy of the creator

In keeping with Buddhist perception, the thoughts is the creator of all issues, together with bodily illness. The normal Buddhist methodology of coping with illnesses thus combines therapeutic methods that have an effect on the physique and thoughts in a holistic method. Tibetan drugs, an integral a part of Vajrayana Buddhism, means that for lasting therapeutic to happen, it’s essential to deal with the illness not solely with drugs and different types of remedy, but additionally goal the trigger originating from the thoughts as effectively. It’s believed that if the thoughts isn’t healed, the issues will happen time and again.

I used to be lucky to discover the therapeutic practices of Tibetan Buddhism with Buddhist trainer and physician Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche throughout his program in Mallorca from 6–9 April.

This system in Mallorca included a public speak titled “Creating Our Therapeutic Potential,” held on the capital of the island, Palma de Mallorca, and a tsa lung (Tibetan yoga of channels and vitality) retreat within the municipality of Calvià. In between the occasions of this system, organized by the Nangten Menlang Islas Baleares, Tulku Lobsang additionally supplied medical consultations, as a health care provider of Tibetan drugs and as a non secular advisor. In the course of the consultations, he would look at the situations of the organs, the blood, and the three humors (wind, bile, phlegm) by checking the heart beat, and provides recommendation on find out how to deal with any imbalances within the physique via diet, bodily actions, and respiration or meditation methods.

Conventional Tibetan thangka portray with Tsa Lung workout routines.
Picture courtesy of the creator

In the course of the public speak in Palma de Mallorca, which was attended by individuals world wide, Tulku Lobsang defined how we will attain happiness and well being by overcoming unfavorable feelings and utilizing our innate therapeutic energies. Climate, meals, and habits can have an effect on our well being however unfavorable feelings have a direct impression on our physique. Amongst unfavorable feelings similar to ignorance, attachment, anger, jealousy, and hatred, anger has the strongest unfavorable impression on our well being. Tulku Lobsang harassed the truth that worry is one other issue that provokes well being issues and might appeal to illness. These are the true enemies of our well being and happiness.

In his speak, Tulku Lobsang distinguished three forms of illnesses: conditional illnesses, as an example brought on by the climate or incorrect habits, karmic illnesses, that are harder to deal with, and illnesses brought on by a projection of the thoughts. Throughout my interview with Rinpoche, I requested him to elaborate on the  therapy of this final kind of illness. He defined: “Ailments brought on by psychological projection are tough to acknowledge due to our ignorance. Typically it’s difficult to diagnose them. You’ve gotten signs however medical doctors can’t discover the issue and say that you’re wholesome, although you don’t really feel good.”

In keeping with Rinpoche, these issues might be healed by a doctor-of-Tibetan-medicine-cum-Buddhist trainer, who is ready to give correct recommendation, steerage, and blessings. Within the West, nonetheless, the non secular coaching is normally changed by psychology and psychotherapy. He defined that illnesses brought on by psychological projection might be handled by Tibetan drugs and shamanic practices. This final comment provoked my curiosity, and I requested what he meant by shamanic practices. In keeping with Rinpoche: “With shamanic practices I imply specific Buddhist rituals. Tibetan Buddhism accepts shamanism, it isn’t our main apply however it’s a part of our tradition.”

Creator with Tulku Lobsang at Son Caliu Seashore in Calvià, Mallorca. Picture courtesy of the creator

Tulku Lobsang described emotional issues as a particular illnesses that want to be healed with deep Buddhist practices. These illnesses normally take longer to heal, as a result of unfavorable feelings similar to ignorance, anger, and attachment are deeply rooted in our minds and wish a particular physician, who cures struggling just like the Buddha, in addition to drugs within the type of nice compassion and knowledge. He suggested that if one has a “regular drawback,” one ought to go to a health care provider, physiologist, or psychotherapist, but when they’ve a extra particular drawback, which matches past drugs and psychology, then Buddhist teachings or different non secular teachings may help.

Tibetan drugs offers a holistic method to therapeutic that takes the entire individual into consideration; addressing their bodily, psychological and emotional well being, life-style, and their interplay with the surroundings. As a working towards Tibetan physician, Rinpoche follows this method: “If you’re a great physician, it’s good to have a look at the entire and solely then do you go into particulars. However you must by no means lose the holistic view as a result of all the pieces is linked.”

Other than looking assist from a health care provider or non secular trainer, Tulku Lobsang additionally suggested us on find out how to use our innate therapeutic potential. Self-healing practices work with the ability of the thoughts: “Life is a projection of the thoughts. The thoughts is probably the most highly effective instrument in area. It has the ability to make you content or unhappy, wholesome or sick. If the thoughts is doing what we would like, it is a liberation from the restrictions of the thoughts. That’s the reason we practice our thoughts, and develop knowledge and compassion.”

Group picture with Tulku Lobsang on the finish of Tsa Lung retreat in Calvià, Mallorca. Picture courtesy of the creator

In Palma de Mallorca, Tulku Lobsang taught us three self-healing workout routines that use the limitless potential of the thoughts: the ability of nature, the ability of reverse, and the ability of visualization. The facility of nature requires abiding to the pure way of thinking, it’s a full rest of the thoughts. The facility of reverse implies that as an alternative of rejecting the illness from which we’re struggling, we must always welcome it:  “I like this illness and I would like extra.” Rinpoche identified that this concept would possibly sound loopy, but when one practices this methodology it would steadily change the thoughts. The facility of visualization consists of the visualization of our physique as an empty therapeutic physique of crimson mild. This common therapeutic apply reduces ache, releases pressure within the physique, and removes blockages in the thoughts.

The tsa lung retreat lead by Tulku Lobsang in Calvià was a therapeutic and provoking expertise. Tsa lung is a robust method that mixes motion with breath retention, in an effort to launch blockages within the refined physique (the energetic physique), which consists of tsa (channels) and lung (wind-energy). In keeping with Tibetan drugs, the well being of our refined physique is of main significance for the well being of our bodily physique and our thoughts. Tsa lung is a Tibetan apply that goals to heal the refined physique. When the channels are open and the wind flows freely, then this vitality can be utilized for self-healing and therapeutic others.

It goes with out saying that we’d like correct outer and internal situations—outer situations of correct place, surroundings and internal situations of correct motivation, emotional state, understanding—in an effort to develop our therapeutic potential. Religious and peaceable locations, just like the seashores of Mallorca, undoubtedly assist us to hook up with the therapeutic energy of nature and to get better from bodily or psychological issues. Nonetheless, in response to Buddhism the principle healer is our thoughts. The thoughts is the creator of the world by which we dwell. It’s the reason for a few of our struggling and illnesses, but additionally the remedy for them. Maybe we will say that the thoughts is the only creator of the e book referred to as “life.” Or is there one thing extra past the thoughts? The smiling face of the Buddha could reply: “The reality lies within the center.”

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