Facebook and Instagram are coming with the benefit of earning with fewer followers

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that social media is working to give those involved in the creative profession more money on Tuesday. One of these is the creation of a marketplace to connect between content creators and brands.

Zuckerberg said Facebook was also working to create an “online shop” so that content creators could sell their products and services. With that comes the opportunity to share the sale price if the followers recommend buying any product, much like affiliate marketing.

Analysts see another reason behind Facebook’s new initiatives. This encourages creators to create more content. And more content means more users will spend more time on social media, and engagement will increase. That’s why social media is always competing to attract content creators. Twitter is also experimenting with new ways to create content. One of them is ‘Super Follow.’ Users will be able to subscribe to Twitter and view individual posts for a fixed fee.

In a live video with Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, Mark Zuckerberg said, “If we help content creators make money, I think it will help the sector move forward overall.”

Those who have many followers on Instagram, i.e., can influence people through their own opinions, are called Instagram influencers. They usually earn money by showing ads on photos and videos on Instagram. But brands are generally interested in working with more popular influencers, Mosseri said. The new marketplace will also have the opportunity to deal with brands with relatively few followers.

Moser tuned in to Zuckerberg’s tune. “I think from the beginning, Instagram has worked exclusively for established content creators,” he said. But for those who are just starting, things haven’t worked out that way. We want to move forward in this direction now. ”

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