Is Elon Musk Coming to the Rescue?


Elon Musk is trying to take over Twitter, and everybody’s paying consideration. Will his perception in free speech launch the social media big from its slavery to woke ideology? Will he be capable to change Twitter’s censorious methods?

Whereas Catholics is likely to be heartened by such information, it’s laborious to not be suspicious of Musk. The world’s rich elites aren’t normally pals of the Religion—take into account Invoice Gates, Warren Buffet, and Klaus Schwab and their anti-Catholic efforts to remake the world of their secularist picture. However may Musk be totally different? May he maybe be just like the Babylonian King Cyrus, a pagan serving to God’s Chosen Individuals return to the Promised Land?

Though South African by start, Elon Musk is an American citizen, giving rise to a enjoyable manner for some conservatives to troll the Left: they are saying he’s probably the most profitable African-American on the planet. He’s led a number of well-known firms together with Paypal, Tesla, and SpaceX. His monetary successes and quirky method gained him a cult following, significantly amongst younger individuals who needed to observe his path to riches.

The multi-billionaire’s politics are eclectic and laborious to outline. In the course of the 2020 presidential election he supported rapper Kanye West’s longshot unbiased bid. Final yr he moved from California to Texas, which might be seen as a political shift from a Blue State to a Crimson State, however was probably merely a enterprise determination—by shifting he was escaping California’s excessive taxes for Texas’s no state revenue tax. 

Musk has advocated for the free market—not shocking contemplating his profitable capitalistic profession. He’s additionally criticized in the present day’s woke tradition: “At its coronary heart wokeness is divisive, exclusionary, and hateful. It mainly provides imply folks… a protect to be imply and merciless, armored in false advantage.” And he’s against the rich elite’s want to regulate the world’s inhabitants, arguing that we must be having extra children relatively than fewer (he has additionally stated that with the extra inhabitants we may colonize Mars). 

Musk doesn’t seem like very non secular. He was baptized when he was younger and attended Anglican Sunday Faculty, however doesn’t take into account himself a Christian. He’s not antagonistic to the religion, nonetheless, as soon as stating, “I agree with the ideas that Jesus advocated. There’s some nice knowledge within the teachings of Jesus, and I agree with these teachings.” 

Such tepid phrases of reward may in fact be stated by an agnostic or an atheist and clearly Musk doesn’t observe all Christ’s teachings. He’s thrice-divorced (twice to the identical girl) and two of his eight kids had been with an single accomplice. Additional, 5 of his kids had been born through IVF, and one other little one was born by way of surrogacy—each practices thought-about gravely immoral by the Catholic Church. He appears to have little curiosity in charitable work; by one rely he has given away lower than 1% of his huge wealth. 

Clearly Elon Musk isn’t a mannequin Catholics ought to attempt to emulate in their very own lives. However can we take into account him an ally nonetheless?

Once we take a look at the panorama for advancing and rising Catholicism on the planet, we see each inner and exterior roadblocks. The inner roadblocks consist principally of Church leaders extra involved about pleasing the world than pleasing Our Lord. Musk isn’t any assist there. 

Maybe probably the most severe exterior roadblock to Catholicism, I’d argue, is the rising Woke Axis that wishes to stop the proclamation of the extra controversial truths of the Religion. That is the place Musk will be an essential ally for Catholics.

Though it’s simple to dismiss Twitter—and it may be a cesspool—Catholics shouldn’t underestimate its affect on our tradition. The fact is that what happens on social media, significantly on social media giants like Twitter, Fb, and TikTok, shapes how many individuals assume and look at the world. So when sure views are excluded from these platforms, it issues.

Now some may assume such censorship generally is a optimistic factor. In any case, if racist calls to get rid of the Black inhabitants are banned from social media, that’s good, proper? Nevertheless, what’s now labeled as “harmful” and “misinformation” is more and more fundamental Catholic beliefs and even simply statements of fact and actuality.

For instance, final month I used to be locked out of Twitter for the next tweet: “Only a reminder: Gay exercise is a sin. Transgenderism is a psychological sickness. Abortion is homicide.” Every of those statements are factually true, however Twitter deemed not less than one among them (probably the transgender remark) as violating their guidelines towards “hateful conduct.” It’s a typical tactic: any fact which may offend the Woke mob is labeled “hate” and faraway from dialogue. Nevertheless, for the reason that time of Christ Catholic educating has usually been offensive to these in energy.

Whereas it might be simple to simply shake the mud off our ft and completely go away Twitter, that doesn’t remedy the issue. Regardless that we’d hope and want that Twitter would simply go away, we are able to’t neglect the thousands and thousands of people that get their information and form their opinions based mostly on what they learn on social media. If sure views, corresponding to the issues of transgenderism, are by no means seen, then it makes it extremely probably that such warped concepts will grow to be extra prevalent and accepted. In any case, that’s why Twitter censors these views within the first place!

The censorious regimes in impact at numerous social media platforms ought to matter to all Catholics, even those that themselves keep away from these platforms. By censoring the reality, Twitter and Fb and different Woke Axis entities create obstacles within the minds of their customers, making it more durable for any Catholic to succeed in others with the Manner, the Fact, and the Life. A youngster who solely hears the dominant narrative on social media relating to human sexuality is prone to assume Catholic educating on this regard is simply held by a small variety of harmful extremists.   

Right here, then, is the place Elon Musk generally is a Cyrus. Though his way of life isn’t admirable, his actions may enable for a freer expression of Catholicism on the planet. Musk has made it clear that he prefers much less censorship and extra free speech on social media. If he had been profitable in his Twitter takeover try, his management selections may not directly expose numerous folks to Catholic truths. He could not settle for them himself, however he would enable them to unfold. 

As Catholics, we all know the Fact is enticing. Though our sins can stop us from accepting the Fact, honest and open hearts are drawn to the Fact after they hear it. A extra open free speech setting is useful to the Fact as a result of the sunshine of that Fact outshines the darkness of the world’s lies. For this reason it’s so essential to proclaim that Fact each time and wherever we are able to—and it’s additionally why the enemies of the Fact work so laborious to silence its unfold. If Elon Musk will help us—even unwittingly—make the Fact extra well-known, then we Catholics ought to pray for his success.

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