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Self-described “hummingbird” from rural Bloomington, Dina Frautschi, talks about why she loves hummingbirds and what folks can do to feed them.

FUNKS GROVE – Deanna Frautschi would not deny her robust fascination with hummingbirds, the gleaming gems of the avian world are making their means south proper now.

“I’m a hen addict. I settle for it,” stated the agricultural Bloomington girl, who has been feeding hummingbirds for greater than 40 years. She has given 137 instructional talks on ruby-throated hummingbirds and the Hummingbirds Nameless website on Fb is the administrator.

There are about 25 species of hummingbirds in the US, however the ruby-throated hummingbird is the one species commonly seen within the jap a part of the nation.

Ruby-throated hummingbirds have a vivid inexperienced, barely metallic look when daylight hits them correctly. Solely grownup males have a ruby ​​round their neck.

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Deanna Frautschi of Rural Bloomington demonstrated her love of hummingbirds together with her costume, describing the traits of a hummingbird feeder.

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Frautschi retains monitor of when the primary one arrives and when the final one leaves.

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The primary arrival is normally within the final week of April, though it has first seen one among its feeders on April 12, 1998. Males come first, with the primary feminine showing a couple of week after the primary male, she stated.

The final ones normally come out within the final week of September, however Frautschi stated he had a younger Hummer by October 16 in 2002.

Proper now hummingbirds are fueling their journey to wintering grounds in Mexico and Central America.


A male ruby-throated hummingbird resting on a put up on the Sugar Grove Nature Heart close to Funks Grove glows the colours that give it its title. Solely grownup males have the basic ruby ​​throat.

Lenore Sobota, The Pentagraph

“When you had been to carry one in your hand at its regular weight, it will weigh a couple of penny,” she defined. “They will bulk up from a penny to a half a penny to fly.”

That is one purpose why you see them making frequent visits to feeders and flowers presently of 12 months.

“I like hummingbirds as a result of they’re these magical creatures that God has given us to have the ability to see that they will keep away from many sorts of obstacles,” Frautschi stated.

Based on Vern Klein of the Lincoln Land Affiliation of Fowl Banders, the chances of survival are home cats, windowsills, bullfrogs and praying mantises.

Klein has been a hen bander for 62 years and has been banding birds for 22 years. They tied the hummingbirds on September 3 through the Hummingbird Pageant and Pollination Ceremony on the Sugar Grove Nature Heart.


About 20 small hummingbird bands are positioned on a security pin.

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The birds had been imprisoned in particular cages that surrounded feeding stations. Klein took some measurements and recorded their intercourse and whether or not they had been adults or younger birds. Then he rigorously positioned a small metallic bar on one leg of every hen. The bands, which comprise distinctive letters and numbers, are so small that about 20 can match on a security pin.

Banding helps decide how profitable the breeding season has been, and retrieving beforehand banded birds offers details about lifespan and the place they journey, Klein defined.

The fortunate few who “adopted” a hummingbird through the pageant had been capable of maintain them of their open palm after the band was carried out.

“It is so mild. You hardly really feel it,” McLean’s Linda Stengel stated after releasing her “adopted” hen. “Nonetheless, you are feeling the heartbeat. It is too quick.”


A freshly banded hummingbird waits within the open palm of McLean’s Linda Stengel earlier than taking off.

Lenore Sobota, The Pentagraph

Based on a reality sheet from the Fowl Banders Group, their coronary heart beats about 1,200 occasions a minute.

The actual fact sheet states, “If people wanted to eat meals in the identical proportion as hummingbirds, they must eat 250 or extra quarter-pound hamburgers on daily basis.”

As an alternative of hamburgers, hummingbirds eat bugs, nectar from flowers and sugar water from feeders. The usual resolution for a hummingbird feeder is 4 cups of water to 1 cup of white sugar. Don’t add pink dye, honey or synthetic sweeteners.

“Individuals who feed the hummingbird have to know that they should hold it clear,” Frautschi stated. “Particularly in sizzling, humid climate, they should substitute this nectar each three days or so in the event that they see any mildew or it is cloudy.”

Though hummingbird migration is declining, Frautschi stated folks ought to hold their hummingbird feeders on for a minimum of two weeks after the final hummingbird sighting.

“For a few of us fanatics, we really maintain ours till the primary frost as a result of we need to catch any late stragglers,” she stated.


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