Dak Prescott Had Brutally Honest Admission On Playoff Pressure

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Dak Prescott is going to be the Dallas Cowboys' starting quarterback for the foreseeable future and probably for the rest of his career.

But he is willing to accept that his legacy may be defined by his performance in the playoffs this year.

Speaking to the Cowboys' official website, Dak acknowledged that quarterbacks are decided by wins,

and especially wins in the playoffs. He said that while he does not feel pressure to play his best game, he should "embrace the moment" of playoff football.

Dak said, "We're all judging by wins and wins in the playoffs." "It matters and I know it.

So, it's not necessarily the pressure, but you have to love playing in these moments.

You have to love playing games like this. And if you don't, it's  The league, this game,

this is not the place for you. And so, for me it is about embracing the moment."

While it is certainly blunt, accepting the fact that overcoming the futility of the past will not be easy.

Dak Prescott is 1-3 as a starter in the playoffs and has yet to win a post-season game on the road.

Although in fairness, neither has any other Cowboys quarterback since Troy Aikman in 1992.

The Cowboys face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tonight and are favorites by 2.5 points. This is a game the Cowboys should almost certainly win.

Otherwise, owner Jerry Jones will not be happy - and we all know what he does when he's unhappy.