Look: NFL World Reacts To O.J. Simpson's Announcement

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O.J. Simpson played for two different NFL teams during his professional career

and both are seen as the claimant of the Super Bowl - but he is riding with one after this season. Former bills and 49ers are going to playoffs with Star Buffalo.

Simpson, which was charged but eventually acquitted his former wife Nicole and his friend Ron Goldman,

is trending on social media. "Hope it's year!" He said about the bills.

Simpson's message for the bill became viral on social media in the evening.

A fan said, "Like buffalo bill, there is no surroundings."

A fan wrote, "Hope! At this time of the season, we can just be so much! Good said juice."

A fan said, "Juice is seen a little more than her age. Always feel good to share her thoughts."

Winning your Wild Card game on Sunday afternoon, billed against dolphins.