Look: Urban Meyer Is Trending During Tonight's NFL Playoff Game

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Well, the good thing is...the Jacksonville Jaguars couldn't play any worse than the first half.

On the other hand, they are playing so poorly that people think Urban Meyer is still coaching the team.

The former Jags coach started trending on social media after Jacksonville's terrible start,

in which Trevor Lawrence threw four interceptions before building a 20-run lead just before the break.

Here are some of the things Meyer's name resurfaced:

"This is somehow Urban Mayer's fault," said one fan. NFL memes tweeted, "Urban mayor embarrassed by Jaguars."

"Jaguars Stadium enters Sandman as Urban Mayor from the bullpen to save the day," joked another.

"You know the Urban mayor has a big smile on his face right now," tweeted another.  "Because he's a bad person."

"Trevor Lawrence threw 3 INTs in the first quarter, it's absolutely Urban Meyer's fault.

I don't know how it is, but he's definitely to blame."

Down 27-7 as the second half gets underway, the Jags still have time to turn it around.