Mike McCarthy Has Honest Reaction To Scheduling Controversy

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On Monday night, the Dallas Cowboys used a dominating performance to take down the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by a final score of 31–14.

After the win, the Cowboys had the shortest amount of time among all playoff teams to prepare for their next game.

Their opponent in the Divisional Round – the San Francisco 49ers – got an extra 48 hours of rest.

Fans were furious with the NFL's scheduling, but head coach Mike McCarthy isn't sweating it.

He thinks the Cowboys will have plenty of time to prepare for the 49ers.

"TV is king. What are you going to say?"  he said via Cowboys reporter John Makota.  "That's part of the challenge.

It's nothing to worry about. We've had plenty of time to prepare. We're not stressed about it at all."

McCarthy clearly isn't too concerned about how much time the Cowboys have to prepare for their next playoff game.

San Francisco and Dallas start at 6:30 p.m.  Sunday night ET  The game will be broadcast on Fox.