Mike McDaniel Reveals Why Dolphins Got Delay Of Game

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Getting timely play-calls was a major issue for the Dolphins during Sunday's Wild Card game. And just when Miami needed to be on time most,

it converted a crucial fourth-and-one on fourth-and-six due to a delay of game penalty.

After the game, coach Mike McDaniel was asked what had happened on that play.

which he said had to do with miscommunication between him and the ref. According to Marcel Louis-Jacques of ESPN:

"McDaniel said the delay in game call was because the Dolphins believed they had a first down,

and they did not have a fourth down call set." Fans reacted to McDaniel's explanation on Twitter.

One user replied, "We'll learn from it. It's all good."

"Couldn't have asked for a better game than when nobody (not a single Dolphins fan) was giving us a chance before the game even started."

"It's clearly referee fault," commented another.

"Time to get the ping pong tables out of the locker rooms again," replied another. "What happened the other 7 times?"  a fan asked.

"Would have been nice if there was just 1 timeout to use in that situation. Could have easily been 10 delay of game penalties today." "Always have to be ready. It's up to you."

The Dolphins fell to the Bills after fighting back and taking a small lead in the game 31–28.