NFL World Stunned By Trevor Lawrence's Performance Tonight

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Trevor Lawrence is off to a terrible playoff start.

The Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback threw three picks in the first quarter of their first playoff game on Saturday night.

Lawrence's three turnovers translated into 17 Chargers points, leading to a 17–0 shutout at the end of the first quarter.

A disastrous playoff start for the Clemson product and former No. 1 overall pick.

Field Yates said, "This is Trevor Lawrence's first game with 3 interceptions all season.

He completed as many passes as he threw to the Chargers."

"If Trevor Lawrence stopped throwing the ball to Chargers defenders, he wouldn't throw interceptions anymore," wrote Bussin With the Boys.

"Trevor Lawrence from Weeks 9-18: 2 INTs tonight after the first quarter: 3 INTs," wrote Bleacher Report.

"Just when I thought Trevor Lawrence had come of age,

he's having a nightmare night at home in his first playoff game.

3 interceptions - 1 in the first quarter. Certainly not his fault. But he never made the first The INT was not thrown!

The Chargers were just handed a 17-0," said Skip Bayless.

RedditCFB joked, "Trevor Lawrence has lost two straight playoff games, can't believe people are surprised he's struggling tonight."

Trevor Lawrence has had plenty of time to turn things around, but he's already dug himself a big hole. Catch the game on NBC.