NFL World Wants Prominent Analyst To Be Fired

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NFL World got to it Wednesday night with lead analyst Tony Dungy. After his less-than-stellar performance in the Jaguars vs. Chargers game,

Dungy is now taking some heat for a more troubling reason. Hall of Fame head coach Dungey, turned NFL analyst, tweeted a problematic,

proven-false conspiracy theory about the use of kitten litter for kids at school.

Dungy eventually deleted the problematic tweet, but for many, the damage is already done. The former NFL head coach has a problematic LGBTQ rhetoric.

One fan predicted, "Just saying that Tony Dungy probably won't be back for Sunday Night Football next year and his calls for the Jags return probably won't sound bad."

One fan said, "Plus, Dungy is one of the mind-numbingly boring announcers on earth. Fire him.

Replace him with a talented analyst. Take a nap. It just seals the deal." Another fan wrote, "Tony Dungy is out of control.

Today, he promoted a blatant conspiracy theory about students identifying as cats."

One fan said, "Please get this guy off TV." Does NBC need to take action with Dungy?