What to do should you discover a hedgehog in your backyard


‘Tis the season that hedgehogs will most continuously be showing in gardens, inflicting a rise in hedgehog-related calls to animal charities.

Most hoglets are born in the summertime, which signifies that extra folks may need hedgehogs visiting their gardens over the summer time months than every other time of yr. 

A spokesperson for the RSPCA mentioned: Calls to the RSPCA about sick and injured hedgehogs all the time peak throughout August, however this summer time’s heatwave may sadly make issues even worse, because the little animals’ meals and water sources are prone to have been affected in lots of areas.  

“Folks may also help hedgehogs in the course of the heatwave by supplementing their pure weight loss program, leaving out recent water and meals like tinned canine or cat meals and crushed cat or canine biscuits.

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“If the hedgehog could be very younger – roughly apple-sized – you will must soak the biscuits in water first. You can even get good high quality, meaty hedgehog meals from wildlife meals suppliers.

“Verify the meals and water bowls every day and prime them up with recent water and meals and take away any meals that hasn’t been eaten. 

“By no means feed hedgehogs milk or bread – milk may cause diarrhoea and bread is not very nutritious.”

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The best way to assist the hedgehogs: Photograph from Getty Photos

The best way to assist your hedgehog mates

  • Cowl holes: hedgehogs can simply fall into uncovered drains or holes in your backyard. Cowl holes or test them daily to verify no hedgehogs have grow to be trapped.
  • Give them a approach out of ponds and swimming pools: place bricks or stones along side ponds, or create a sloped edge on a part of the pond to present hedgehogs a technique to climb out in the event that they fall in. 
  • Verify for hedgehogs earlier than utilizing strimmers or mowers – significantly underneath hedges, the place they could be resting in the course of the day. 
  • All the time completely disturb bonfires instantly earlier than you mild them, as there might be hedgehogs nesting or hiding inside. 
  • Litter is an actual hazard to hedgehogs – they’ll get their heads caught in tins, plastic baggage, binders from drinks cans or discarded yoghurt pots.
  • Elevate any netting: if in case you have any netting or wire in your backyard, make certain it is not less than a foot above floor stage, as hedgehogs can simply grow to be twisted up in it. 
  • Do not shut your shed doorways should you normally preserve them open, as there could be hedgehogs nesting inside. 
  • Keep away from slug pellets and pesticides – these can poison hedgehogs and will solely be used as a final resort. 


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