“Why Atheism is a Science”


The closely promoted guide by Professor Li Shen compares a supposed early Chinese language atheism, bourgeois atheism, and Marxist atheism as taught by the CCP.

by Peng Huiling

Thinker Mozi, who described Confucianism as atheistic. Credit.

In a earlier article on this journal, I examined the “scientific proof” that God doesn’t exist provided by Professor Li Shen in his guide “The Ideas of Scientific Atheism,” which continues to be closely promoted in China as a significant instrument to revive atheist propaganda.

On this article, I’ll shortly summarize Professor Li’s idea of atheism. He defines atheism as “a principle explaining the non-existence of gods.” This definition is vital and it’s towards it that we are able to assess Li’s different claims. Coherently with the custom of the CCP atheist propaganda, atheism is outlined as a principle quite than only a sensible perspective.

Li then tells us that atheism has been invented in China. He’s certainly not the primary CCP ideologist to advance this declare. Really, it has been promoted by Xi Jinping himself. This propaganda insists that, in contrast to Europe, China has at all times been secular and there was no faith till it was imported from overseas.

Professor Li doesn’t go to this point, but he maintains that Confucianism is each the oldest perception system of China, in reality born nicely earlier than Confucius systematized it, and an early type of atheism. It’s to be remembered that Li is on the identical time the vice-chairperson of the Chinese language Atheism Society and an educational committee member of the Worldwide Confucian Federation. Clearly, he regards being an atheist and a Confucian as totally appropriate.

He quotes the assertion of thinker Mozi (470–391 BCE) that Confucians taught that “ there aren’t any ghosts and no gods.” We must always do not forget that Mozi was an enemy of the Confucians and he was accusing them of denying the existence of the spirits of the lifeless and of the gods, through which the emperors of his time believed, as a part of a marketing campaign aimed toward thrilling the authorities towards Confucianism. Accordingly, he’s a biased and suspicious supply.

Nonetheless, Li finds Mozi’s assertion plausible, and proof that Confucians taught what was at the moment the “most progressive atheism” accessible on this planet. Li admits that “Confucianism was not utterly free from the query of Dao and Heaven,” however these have been synonyms with the “legal guidelines of the character.” Even when Confucian writings talked about a “Supreme God” this was a metaphor for the character and didn’t discuss with a being separated from the world.

Netizens who’ve broadly criticized Li’s guide on-line have objected that his is an previous interpretation of Confucianism, and that even CCP-associated students have acknowledged that Confucianism contains spiritual teachings and rituals and doesn’t provide a principle of atheism.

As a Marxist, Li denies that there are “legal guidelines of nature,” but he regards what he considers because the early Chinese language atheism as extra superior and progressive than the atheism of some Greek philosophers. He additionally believes that Christianity, in its personal method, had a dialectic function within the progress of atheism, as a result of it destroyed the idea in quite a lot of gods related to pure phenomena and changed it with religion in only one “true God.”

Solely within the 17th and way more within the 18th century an atheism extra superior that the Confucian model appeared in Europe, with some British philosophers after which with the French Enlightenment. This was a “scientific atheism,” Li says; nevertheless, in his opinion, there’s a misunderstanding on the time period “scientific.” This atheism was “scientific” within the sense that it was based mostly on the progress of pure sciences. However from one other perspective it was not “scientific” as a result of it by no means managed to elaborate a scientific principle of atheism.

For this, one needed to await Marx. Solely Marxist atheism, Li proclaims, “not solely had a strong data base of pure science, but additionally offered the proper place and scientific methodology on tips on how to deconstruct the idea of the gods.” Due to issues in different areas of the world, the one nation the place Marxist scientific atheism is systematically taught is now China.

In a method, Li believes, atheism got here again dwelling. It began in China with the Confucians and returned to China, which now leads the world in Marxist research and propaganda.

That China is a world chief in campaigns selling atheism is true. Nonetheless, the CCP itself admits that they aren’t very profitable.


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